Monday 20 May 2024

Kralingse Bos extra parkrun

It's Holland's extra parkrun day today, hence our reason for being in The Netherlands. (Apart from it being a fantastic country that is only a three hour train ride from London.)

It was a 40 minute walk to the start, and the weather was dry and bright for the first two minutes. Then it drizzled for about another minute before turning into a full on downpour, with bursts of thunder just to add a bit of excitement.

There was nothing that we could do to try to keep dry, and even if we had dashed back to our hotel we had no umbrellas or wet weather gear.

However, after a final torrential almost cloudburst during the parkrun briefing, it stopped just after we started running.

The course was lovely, and I rushed round 50 seconds faster than on Saturday. Probably because I was keen to get out of the cold and into a hot shower.

Once I had warmed up we took a stroll around the old boats in the marina.

Later in the afternoon we went to see one of those weird immersive experiences where they project photos and videos all around you.

This was called Remastered and showcased famous Dutch artists through the ages.

It started by putting us in a giant interactive fish tank and you could touch the shoals of fish on the walls, and they would then swim away from you.

Next they said 'from now on DO NOT touch the walls', which seemed a bit of a shame.

It started a clock show, where all of the timepieces jumped about on the walls, and then all started ringing and bonging together.

Then the main event started with the famous artists. I didn't recognise the first two and there was a loud musical soundtrack, but unfortunately no words so I never found out.

I don't know this one, but it could just be evolution from the start of time. It certainly doesn't look like Holland.

I don't know this one either, perhaps Dutch legends?

Also a mystery 



Van Gogh - I'm on a roll now

Mondrian, and this is the end.

Quick drink by the river afterwards.

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