Saturday 13 October 2012

Cultural triple header

We have never done a double header before, but for some reason today we really went for it.
This morning we read that the Concert Hall were doing free backstage guided tours so we joined the queue. It was excellent, we went up on the stage, then into the stars dressing rooms, and finally up in to the roof space to check out the lighting gantry.
We were inspired so while I queued, Daz bought us tickets for the matinee performance of Madame Butterfly at the Royal Centre. It was a beautiful ballet with a very sad ending.
Finally, yesterday I booked for us to see Bent in the evening at the Lacemarket Theatre. It was a story about gay men in Nazi Germany, and had another terrible ending. Saw two of the leads in the bar afterwards so got a quick pic.
Am off to bed now to recover.

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