Sunday 28 October 2012

Done lots of things, taken no photos

Haven't blogged for a while, but struggling to get pictures and write text that make them sound interesting - not stopped me before you might say.
Anyway, we are racing towards the 24th Dec which is our last day in Nottingham and then we will be homeless and on our travels, so it should all pick up then.
This week I have spent many hours learning French, we have packed up loads more stuff and we have been out to some interesting evening events.
On Wednesday Peter had an American country singer staying the night on his settee (courtesy of and he did a gig for all the friends and neighbours.
Thursday we went to see 'The loneliness of a long distance runner' at The Playhouse. It was written in the 1960's in the backstreets of Nottingham but was brought completely up to date, although unfortunately based now in London. Fantastic super fit main actor who delivered most of his lines while sprinting along on a running machine.
Finally, went to watch James Bond yesterday - half an hour at least too long - but pretty lively.

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