Tuesday 25 June 2013

Lava, lupins and Lutherans

There are lots of brilliant things about Iceland - cycle paths, polite drivers, lovely scenery, whales (yes, we saw one from the ship), interesting architecture, geysers, (we didn't actually visit one though), waterfalls, etc, etc.
However, three of the most memorable were :-
Lava - Iceland is volcanic and this morning we cycled out to a lava field. Almost nothing grows on them apart from lichen and a few tiny flowers. It is supposed to look like the landscape of the moon.
Lupins - They are absolutely everywhere and they are all the same purple colour.
Lutheran churches - A lot of the buildings are covered in corrugated iron sheets and look really dramatic, especially the churches. This church, called Hallgrimskirkja is the most striking of all though and is on a hill in Reykjavik and can be seen from miles around.
We got up early this morning for a cycle ride and did 41 kilometres, with a quick stop en route to enjoy a mini picnic of blueberry muffins.

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