Sunday 3 December 2017

Chillies 🌶 and archery🎯

Final blog from Bhutan, to cover our afternoon.
Everyone in Bhutan loves chillies and there are big mounds of them drying on the roofs of houses. 
The national dish is red rice and chilli cheese. It is self explanatory, except for the fact that there is way more chilli than cheese.
Darren says that he saved my life on the second day of the holiday as I was just about to eat a big mouthful, and he stopped me in the nick of time. I know now to just have a tiny dollop on the side of the plate. 
This afternoon we had a walk around the town of Paro and I saw strings of chillies drying from the first floor window of a shop. Surprisingly there was huge mounds of toilet paper on the pavement, but I don't know if the two things are related. 
Finally, after lunch today we got to try Bhutanese style archery. I was okay at it, but could have pulled the string further back. 
Daz had a great stance and got quite near to the target. Then he really went for it and his arrow hit the very top of the screen surrounding the target area and shot straight up into the air. The people sitting outside of the bungalow behind the screen looked very worried and we decided to stop before someone got hurt!

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