Thursday 7 December 2017

Trek around Istanbul

We spent almost all of my birthday yesterday travelling and we arrived at our hotel at about 8pm,although that felt like 11pm to us.
Our hotel is lovely - it is warm, comfortable and has a fantastic buffet breakfast. Although Bhutan and Nepal were amazing places we often ate in our coats and the food choices were very limited, so we really appreciated the difference. 
Today we set off with a map to explore and we started with the Blue Mosque which is very near to our hotel. I had to dress in a skirt and headscarf that were provided at the entrance, and we carried our shoes with us in little carrier bags.
The mosque is enormous and is famous for its intricate blue tiles and high domed ceiling.
We then accidentally walked a long way out of our way, but eventually we reached the Galata Bridge where hundreds of fishermen were having great success catching little silver tiddlers. Thank you to Darren for taking such an excellent photo of a string of fish being hauled up above us by a fisherman on the top deck of the bridge. 
Then we walked up to the Galata Tower - right in the middle of photo four - and caught a lift to the top where we got great views of the whole city.

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