Tuesday 5 December 2017

The Great Boudha Stupa and Durbar Square

After fighting the traffic for far too long, we arrived in Kathmandu, and straight out on to a guided tour.
First was the Great Boudha Stupa, and we turned a corner and were face to face with it.
It was ruined in a massive earthquake that devastated much of Nepal in April 2015. This Stupa was the first tourist attraction to be repaired, and what an amazing sight it is.
We then went to Durbar Square, which was also badly hit, and many of the buildings are either badly damaged or completely wrecked. Most of the remaining buildings are supported by large wooden props and it will be many years, if ever, before they are restored to their former glory. 
Finally, we took a walk through the main shopping area, which was quite an eye opener, but rather ruined by the dozens of impatient motorcyclists who hooted their horns constantly and pushed their way through the crowds. 
Ps, I climbed up next to a soldier guarding the Palace and was surprised to find that I was about twice the size of him! 

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