Saturday 9 December 2017

Final day in Istanbul

First stop today was the Grand Bazaar - the largest covered market in the world with over 4,600 stalls. It was a  beautiful building with multi coloured stalls in every direction. We went  to slowly wander and look around, but in less than ten minutes had spent all of our money, so that cut the excursion short, but we got some nice stuff!
Then we had another visit to an amazing mosque and we also got a good view of Asia across the water. 
I am also aware that my string of fish was not very revealing yesterday, so we went back and got a better picture of the fishermen, with the European side in the background. 
Later we went down into the cistern, which is a 1,500 year old water storage tank that was built by the Byzantine Emperor out of bits of Roman columns. It is an a huge space and is famous for the Medusa heads that hold up the base of two columns.
Finally, a delayed birthday celebration for me, with an incredible view of the city and the sunset. 
All done now, time to come home. 

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