Saturday 2 December 2017

Words of wisdom

Today I am going to keep my blog short and instead I am going to quote the Bhutanese Road Department. All along our journey from Punakha to Paro they had uplifting and thought provoking notices that will surely be useful to all.

Peep, peep, don't sleep. 
Keep your nerves on sharp curves. 
Eager to last, then why fast?
If you are married, divorce speed. 
Better to be late than late. 
Safety on roads is safe tea at home. 
Don't gossip, let him drive!!
After drinking whisky, driving is risky. 
Self trust is the essence of heroism. 

I think that sums up driving in Bhutan very nicely and kept us entertained during the journey. 
We also enjoyed a trip to another interesting zhong and museum. 
But the highlight of the day was attending the archery contest. It was a bit confusing, but the target is 145 metres away, and too far for us to see. 
The way to tell if the arrow hit the target was by the sound of a loud thud about a second after the arrow was released. The archer then jumped around and performed a song and dance with his team mates.
At the target end another group of team mates tried to put the opposition off by dancing around in front of the target while the archer prepared for the shot! They do get out of the way before the shot is fired from the high powered metallic bows, but with the traditional Bhutanese bows they stay in the way and dodge the arrow - according to our guide! 

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