Tuesday 9 January 2018

Into the Arctic Circle

Excellent sunset last night which we saw just as we were passing a lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. It was inhabited for many years and one family had three children. They used to tie rope around the children's waists so that if they fell in to the water they could rescue them before they were washed away.
Most of the time we are protected from the open ocean by the hundreds of little islands, but occasionally we have to venture out in to the sea. 
This happened last night just as we were starting dinner. I quickly decided to give it a miss once the glasses and cutlery started flying around. 
Daz stayed a bit longer and the lady at the next table was served her soup. Suddenly the ship bounced and the whole bowl of soup landed straight in her lap. Dinner was then cancelled, but just over an hour later we were back between the islands all was calm again and the soup was delicious. 
This morning we crossed into the Arctic Circle and met the God of the North. He gave us safe passage across his sea and then proceeded to tip ice cubes down our backs to celebrate the occasion. 
Mine went right down inside my trousers and ended up crunching inside my boots! 

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