Wednesday 10 January 2018

Tromso, capital of the Arctic

One of the most surprising things about this trip is that many hundreds of thousands of people live all along the fjords. Even though we are near the very top of Norway there are lots of settlements and quite a major town called Tromso.
Over 70,000 people live here and it calls itself the capital city of the Arctic. It is busy and has lots of well known shops including H and M, Burger King and lots of bars and cafes.
It has a very modern church that is built from concrete slabs and lots of glass. Pic 1. It also has a matching museum made from the same slabs, but they look as if they have all fallen over. Very arty - pic 2.
But it also has a beautiful chocolate box traditional church as well. 
We are also so far north that the sun doesn't rise at all here, but there is still quite a lot of daylight. There was about five hours today, although it was getting pretty dark by 2pm as we neared Tromso.
This morning we stopped for half an hour in Finnsnes this morning and it was as bright as England. 
Still no sign of the northern lights yet, but we are hoping that they might put in an appearance tonight. 

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