Saturday 6 January 2018

Bergen and the Hurtigruten

We caught an early morning flight to Bergen in order to catch our Hurtigruten ferry.
We are going to the top of Norway and back in the next 12 days and we are hoping to see the Northern Lights on our travels. 
There have been a few surprises during the day, and the first one is that it is absolutely freezing here in Norway - actually not such a surprise. 
The weather was lovely though with bright sunshine and lots of snow on all of the hills surrounding the town.
I had my photo taken with a giant wooden fish and it was a real problem to smile as my face had frozen into a sort of botox type frown. 
A real surprise was that once the sun had set at just before 3pm the sky actually stayed quite light for a couple of hours, which is going to be helpful as we are heading due north overnight. 
Best surprise of all though is that the ferry is very smart and the food is absolutely gorgeous. Lots of fish, but non too scary and loads of berries with every course. 

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