Thursday 11 January 2018

Hot tub in the north

We had a totally amazing day yesterday.
Firstly we stopped briefly at a village at just before 9am.
The sky cleared and the sunrise was unbelievable, except of course that we never saw the sun as it didn't reach the horizon. It tried really, really hard though and the colours were something that I have never seen before. 
Back on board it turned to daylight and we tried out the hot tub. It was a very short run between our cabin and the bath and a brilliant way to sightsee.
Then we docked at Honningsvag and it was very cold and snowy. It is the nearest place to the Nordcapp - the furthest point north in Europe. We didn't join the bus trip to it, but in the end they couldn't get there because there was too much ice on the road. 
All day the sky was amazing colours and we saw the sunset - without the sun - at about 2pm, and then night closed in again. 
Ps, I won third prize in the boat photography competition for my picture of a snow angel! Won a pack of playing cards. 


  1. Was it actually Darren's photo of a snow angel or how did you manage to be in it and take the photo? No Northern Lights yet then? Seen there was a big fire at Notts railway station? Mx

  2. I thought of the idea, did the pose and it's on my camera. Darren took the photo, but if it's on my camera then it's mine! No northern lights and cloudy again today so not hopeful for tonight. I saw the station online and it looks really bad. Such a shame as it wasn't finished until quite recently. The boat has a free excursion at the next stop which involves jumping into the sea. Unfortunately I am not that brave!