Tuesday 14 August 2018

Family outing

Lovely couple of days with Darren's sister and niece's. They arrived on the train dressed ready for the northern weather, all in winter clothes and accessorized with a giant rainbow coloured umbrella. 

They were very surprised to see Daz in shorts and flip flops and with the sun beating down. 
First item on our agenda was the fantastic Cod's Scallops fish and chip shop, and then a quick fight with the deck chairs on the way home. 

Afterwards we walked into town, via the Forest Recreation Ground where we had a race around the 400 metre track. Unfortunately, I came in third, so disappointed with my performance. 
Darren had promised the girls that the hotel was only a mile away, but we took a very long cut through the Arboretum and then misplaced the hotel, so in the end it took us about two hours to get to there. 
After a quick look at the room we decided to take the bus back to our house. 
Once back I roped the girls into helping me decorate stones for my garden, and they look beautiful. Just the thing to brighten up the garden in the winter. 

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