Thursday 30 August 2018

Harwich to Hook of Holland

Very good train journey to Ipswich, then a lovely afternoon with Nic and Jemima where I tried to do a few trapeze tricks.
Unfortunately I don't have any talent for it and Darren had to rescue me, otherwise I would still be hanging upside down now. 
We then caught another train to Harwich and all was well on the the train until we went over a big bump and my bike jammed a really sharp bit of itself into my ankle. There was a reasonable amount of blood and I felt quite faint for a while, but on closer inspection it didn't look very dramatic so reluctantly I had to stop making a fuss and carry on. 
We got off the train and straight to the front of the queue on to the ferry, so that was very nice. 
We are now safely on board and we even have a very nice cabin with bunk beds and a shower. 
We are on our way overnight to the Hook of Holland and a two week jaunt around Holland and Belgium.

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