Friday 10 August 2018

Second trip to the Architect

Another exciting visit to the Architect, and lots of plans to see this time. He did it in the form of a TV style reveal, and he started by showing us more detailed plans of our last meeting, but then pulled out new plans with the staircase on the other side of the building.

I have made a new model (this is the front view) and the staircase is the blue sticking out bit, and is supposed to to be a glass box! 
All of the rooms have moved around in a better way and it is starting to look good. 

The back view is particularly exciting and we also have a high parapet on the roof for health and safety purposes. Obviously, we will never think of using it as a roof garden or terrace! 
The Architect is going ahead with more detailed plans and we will soon be able to put them forward for an initial check with the planning department. 

On the photo above top left and bottom right are the old plans, and bottom left and top right are the latest, don't ask me why. 

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