Thursday 16 August 2018

Ipswich to Newmarket

Stayed overnight with Nicola, Ben and Jemima and then set off on our three day bike ride home. 

Unfortunately, the heatwave has now ended and wet weather is forecast. We managed about an hour in the dry before the wind got up and the rain starting coming down sideways. 
We sheltered under a tree for a while, then set off into the rain. 

All went well until Daz got a puncture. We had nowhere to shelter so he changed the inner tube in the storm. We set off and ten minutes later he punctured again! 
This time we found a bus shelter and in the better conditions I found a sharp stone stuck in the tyre. Repaired again and we thought the rain had stopped - for a few minutes. 
It started up in earnest again and we chugged on to Bury St Edmunds where we found a great cafe and settled in to sit it out. 

An hour or so later the conditions improved rapidly and we rode into Newmarket in the sunshine. 
We are staying in a very nice room above a pub and just enjoying a happy hour wine. 
76 kilometres covered and having a good time. 

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