Thursday 13 January 2022

First e bike outing

Today seemed a great day to try out our electric bikes. We bought them a couple of months ago and all that we have done so far is cycle them home from the shop, and a quick spin around the estate, so we were well overdue.

I started very badly by switching the bike on, but not actually putting it in gear, so I was actually just cycling a very heavy bike with no assistance, although I did not realise the problem. After three or four miles Darren stopped to wait for me, and I was really hot and tired after manically trying to keep up, and just thought that I wasn't very fit.

After taking off my hoody and gloves, and actually switching the power on properly we set off again, and what a transformation!! The bike just gives a push to get the speed up, but doesn't go any faster than 15 miles per hour so above that speed it was all my own work.

Darren had chosen a route up the biggest hill for miles to Brill Windmill. At the start of the hill I ramped the bike up to maximum and it gave me a lovely push upwards, although I still had to put in a good effort too.

The windmill is a great landmark, but it is looking very sad at the moment because one of its sails was ripped off during a storm last October.

We stopped for a photo and then headed back home where I collapsed exhausted on the settee, then had a piece of Christmas cake so it's still good exercise. 

Darren checked his best unassisted time up the hill and we beat it by about four minutes.

Changing the subject, but still bike related, we went out to Oxford last night to see Dr Hutch chat about his 57 British time trial victories in a pub on an industrial estate. 

And if you think that life can't get much more exciting for us, last week we went to Aylesbury to see the UK Pink Floyd tribute act. They were pretty good, but not quite up to the standards of the Australian Pink Floyd - no blow up bouncy kangaroo. 

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