Friday 21 January 2022

Walk to Bath

The cycle path near to our house goes straight to Bath city centre and we decided to walk there on a cold morning.


It was Darren's turn to feed the donkeys, and we dont think that they are morning donkeys because they were very grumpy and totally ungrateful for the carrots, although they ate them in the end.

We followed the path and the river Avon and arrived at the beautiful Pulteney Bridge and Weir.

Bath is a beautiful city full of historic buildings and we walked up to the famous Crescent where a film crew were busy. They had an old Mustang and they loaded up the backseat with vintage suitcases and an immaculately dressed lady was due to drive off into the sunset in it.

Unfortunately we didn't have access to such a lovely car so we had lunch in a very nice restaurant and then caught the bus home.

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