Sunday 29 May 2022

Finished porch

A few days have passed, and Darren is on the home straight with the porch.

First the door frame and door went in, and then the windows. These were quite complicated because we bought four identical windows hoping to fit two on each side. Unfortunately they were a bit too wide for the space so Darren cut about an inch off each frame and then joined two together to make one big window for each side. 

They then fitted perfectly and I got involved and put the glass in the frames. Quite scary really but it all went well. 

Then Darren finished off all of the cladding, I stuck corner pieces on, and the guttering is on too. 

The timber will fade to a silvery colour over the next few months, so although I think that it looks great, it will gradually blend.

Saturday morning we had another run at the curly wurly parkrun, and managed to cheerfully pose for the photographer.

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