Wednesday 1 June 2022

New house on it's way

Monday morning, and work is starting on the plot behind our house. They are having it built by Danwood, so it should be quick and efficient.

By 10am pieces of building were flying through the air, and by the end of the day the ground floor was in.

By Tuesday evening the first floor was added and today the roof started to go on.

It's looking good and is set towards the front of their plot, so further away from us. The left hand side is going to remain single storey so we will keep the views of the woods behind. 

The only downside, and it may be a big one, is that they gained permission for a very large outbuilding in the garden that will be only a metre from our boundary. We will have to wait to see if it blocks a lot of our light.

Changing the subject, our fish is looking good and if you look carefully it looks as if it is blowing bubbles, but they are actually calla lillie flowers.

I did try to grow lots of blue pansies to look like water around him, but they didn't really grow, so instead he is perhaps swimming through a coral reef.

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