Thursday 16 June 2022

Gardener's World Live

Unfortunately Darren has been stuck down by Covid, so I am making a solo trip to Gardener's World Live at the NEC.

To my surprise it was taking place in a massive outdoor space, rather than in one of the exhibition rooms. I barely had time to start looking around before I spotted TV cameras so I got my camera ready to take a photo without knowing who was there. Looking up I realised that my favourite presenter, Adam Frost was heading right towards me, and I just had time to close click once.

Straight after he looked up and said hello to me.

What a great start, particularly as I looked around and saw how big the place was with thousands of visitors.

I then admired a natural swimming pool and rang Darren, who was very practical and said that we couldn't have one.

The floral marquee was enormous and I had a great time wandering around.

Exiting from a side door I spotted the TV cameras again, and there was Monty Don and Rachel de Thame!

Unfortunately Monty was chatting to the camera and kept moving so my photo is a bit blurred, but it was lovely to see him in real life.

I didn't buy too much in the end, just some secateurs and a metal otter, but I was so pleased that I went, and have now driven down to the cottage so that Darren can recover in peace.

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