Thursday 9 June 2022

Erfoud to Ouarzazate

We had a nice morning sitting around the pool at the hotel while we waited for the rest of our group. They had been on an overnight trip to sleep in the desert in a tent, but we were very happy with our hotel choice.

This is our hotel from the front entrance, one of the most scenic places that I have ever stayed.

Once we were all back together then we were off on another long drive. This time we had various photo stops along the way to see ruined kasbahs (sort of castles) and an oases (this is the plural of oasis as I looked it up on Google).

We arrived at our main stop of the day called the Todra Gorges - an incredible gorge carved out of the red rock and with the great rarity of a stream running through it.

Darren took loads of photos of me on the rocks in the stream as he thought that I might fall in. I thought it likely to, but I got safely and dryly back to shore.

Afterwards we carried on with our drive to Ouarzazate for an overnight stay.

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