Tuesday 24 May 2022


Our porch has seen better days and unfortunately could not be salvaged. 

We have managed to buy some really good quality windows and a door very cheaply online that were made to measure for somebody else's house, but after Darren cut them down a bit are actually a very good fit for ours. 

First task, take down the old porch. Every single neighbour commented on how much better it looked without it, so there is a bit of pressure to make a good new one. 

The build back begins with me putting in a new row of bricks and then Darren building the frame. 

We used the old roof tiles although we replaced the damaged ones with spares that we got from a house nearby that was giving them away for free. 

It's always good to test the roof for leaks before carrying on with the build, and fortunately, only a couple of hours after mortaring then in, a huge black cloud appeared overhead and the rain hammered down for ages. 

All was good so the next job is the door and cladding. 

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