Thursday 11 August 2022

Alchester Running Club 5k

A few weeks ago I decided to enter the Alchester Running Club 5k evening event. To be honest the main reasons behind this was that I knew that I could run that far and I wanted to collect a medal for finishing.

It was held at Marsh Gibbon which is a village a couple of miles outside Bicester, so not very far to travel.

When I got there I went to pick up my entry number and it was number one, based on the alphabet. However, I have been number 002 in a race before and know that it's embarrassing as people assume that I am an elite racer.

This time was no different and as soon as I pinned it on, a group of runners from a local club asked if I won the race last year. It carried on from there as other runners pointed to me and spectators called out my number on the way round and cheered more loudly for me.

It was nice too really, although by then I was towards the back of the pack, so obviously not the best.

Afterwards some of the volunteers asked me if I had won, but I said that I finished one hundred and something, so the one was sort of correct, just missing a couple of numbers after it.

Just seen the results and I was 126th out of 183, 50th lady out of 82, and 7th over age 55 out of 15. 

Ps, after all that effort there weren't any medals as nearly everyone apart from me belonged to a running club, and all I got at the finish was an ice pop and a bottle of water.

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