Saturday 20 August 2022

Bath gin and rum festival

We got our bikes out and cycled into Bath for the afternoon. We had tickets for the gin and rum festival, and when we got there it was in full flow.

All of the tables were full and the band was murdering a few old favourite songs in the background as we had our photo taken on the Schweppes rocking seat. We then had to sip our drinks for the next photo, and for some reason it looks as if our eyes are about to pop out.

It was tasty, but not that tasty.  The different gins were lined up along the side walls and split into British, rest of the world and flavoured.  We had two each and the barman told us to read through a booklet explaining the merits of each individual one. That was too much like hard work, so I chose the one with pretty flowers on the label.

Darren's choice of a cocktail from a corner bar was better and we drank and chatted, and then noticed that the band had improved a lot. In the end we were sad to see them finish their set.

The journey back was complicated by the fact that we were given the large fragile glasses as souvenirs, so the challenge was to cycle home without smashing them.

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