Wednesday 22 March 2023

Arriving in Barbados

After a nice and uneventful flight we arrived in Barbados yesterday afternoon.

In Barbados time it was around 4pm, but to us was 8pm, so we didn't do too much except drink a very strong glass of rum punch, and then grab a load of plantain crisps and ginger cake from the local shop for an extra dinner. Early to bed, and then early to rise.

Sunrise was at 6.02am and we were awake and ready for the first event of the day. Our hotel is right on the beach and exactly where the local racehorses are brought every morning for a swim.

The horses seem to have a little routine where they splash and tap their feet as the waves come in, then after having a nice wash with their trainers, and then they set off on a swim out to the boats.

After a roll in the sand they look refreshed, 

and ready to meet their admiring public. 

Obviously, other tourists got a bit closer, but I always think that it is good to keep a bit distant from almost any animal.

Then we had a nice stroll along the beautiful beach and started thinking about what to have for breakfast.

One last shot of the lovely horses. 

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