Thursday 23 March 2023

Long walk by the sea

After the excitement of the horses, we decided to go for a walk along the coast, and I was the navigator. 

First stop was Charles Fort, which is just along the beach from our hotel. It was built in 1650 and was one of 40 forts used to defend this small island. We looked over the side of the fort and could see lots of ancient cannons under the sea, and also quite a few on land.

Most of them were very battered and pock marked, but we saw one that looked almost brand new. I asked Darren to pose with it and when he leaned on it it moved. It was a plastic cannon! Who would have guessed?

Next stop was breakfast with a view.

We carried on walking and eventually got to a very lively place called St Lawrence, although it was full of brightly coloured bars and restaurants so nothing was happening at 10.30am.

We turned a few corners and then found a little beach with a sunshine yellow lifeguards house.

This was where I started to get slightly concerned. I thought that we had followed the road round 360 degrees and were heading back up the coast towards our hotel, but the sea was still on the right hand side.

I was just quietly trying to work out how this could be, (some sort of weird shaped peninsula perhaps), when Darren pointed out that must still be walking further away rather than back to our hotel.

Disheartened, and suddenly realising that it was a much longer walk than expected, we picked up the pace and eventually arrived back in the heat of the mid day sun.

Exhausted, we sat about for a while, but managed to rally for a sunset rum punch on the beach.

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