Saturday 25 March 2023

Lesser known sights of Barbados

 Yesterday we had a lovely swim at the beach, and then took a taxi to the Britannia cruise ship for the next part of our adventure. This is a montage of new ship, old ship in the harbour, although I think that the sailing boat is actually very modern too.

This morning I took charge of our outing, that was basically a walking tour of lesser known sights of Bridgetown. I had the route memorised, we left the port gates and immediately turned left at a roundabout. A few minutes later I realised that we should have turned left at the second roundabout.

Fortunately, the first stop was the Kensington Oval national cricket ground and we could see the floodlights above all of the other buildings, so we improvised slightly and got there reasonably quickly.

From a distance we could see an imposing statue of a cricketer. I said that I wonder who that could be? Then added that it couldn't be Garfield Sobers (the only cricketer that I could think of), as he was from Antigua. Anyway, look closely at the plaque and it is actually Sir Garry, a massive Bajan legend, and from Barbados.

Just five minutes walk away was the next sight, and I knew for certain who this was. Rihanna was born and brought up in Bridgetown and they have renamed the street Rihanna Drive. She lived in a cute little house with a star on the pavement outside it and a plaque calling her 'Our diamond'.

A few minutes walk further along the main road and we reached a really quiet locals only beach.

And finally, the Mount Gay rum distillery. It turns out that they charge 25 US dollars each for a tour, which seemed excessive and we soon forget what we learned anyway, so instead we went to the bar.

No one else was in there at 10.30 in the morning, but it all looked very nice and their cocktails were much more reasonably priced than their tours.

We probably enjoyed it more too.


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