Saturday 19 August 2023


Next to the outhouse is a very old building with corrugated iron roof and walls, a soil floor and has stood for many years. It also had a giant ivy hat covering all of the roof.

However, it turns out that the main beam holding it up was not attached to anything solid, and it all came down with a massive crash as Darren tried to take the roof off. 

It was built using extremely long nails, so took a while to take apart, but this is how it looks now. 

We are going to replace the building, and have the problem of what to do with a few tons of soil and rubble. 

The answer that we have come up with is to 'roll up the carpet and hide it underneath'. Or in reality, roll up the nearby grass, barrow in the soil, turn a dip into a mound, and then put the grass back. 

We haven't finished that yet, but Darren has found dozens of rockery stones amongst the soil, so we can probably also make a retaining wall. 

The plan is then to pour all of the rubble into the new hole and then put a concrete slab on top of it. 

It's very labour intensive, but hopefully it will work. 

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