Saturday 22 June 2024

Oxfordshire day trip

Elaine and Mark are here for the weekend, and after enjoying, I hope, home made quiche last night, we started the day at Oxford parkrun.

We mostly all ran good times, and then we went for breakfast at the amazing Kingsley Café at Eynsham. It's a big biker and classic car café, but also with saddle seats for the horsey set.

We all managed quick outfit changes in the car park and bathroom, and then on to the Cotswold Wildlife Park.

It was an amazing day, and all of the animals seemed to come out to greet us. We started with the camels and their baby.

Then straight on to the rhinos who enjoyed wallowing in the mud.

Then we saw so many different birds, animals, fruit bats, snakes, etc. You name it, we saw it.

Then we saw a little capuchin monkey interacting with a photographer, and Elaine stuck in a cage pulling the same pose with our photographer.

We walked through an open area and came across a pile of lemurs who had just eaten their lunch and were sleeping it off underneath a tree.

Then back home for a well deserved sit down.

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