Monday 3 June 2024

Two tunnels half marathon

We have just had a great weekend seeing M and D, and running in the Two tunnels half marathon.

Obviously I am hogging the limelight in the pre race photo opportunity.

It was a beautiful warm and sunny day and the three of us ran, while Margs had the triple responsibility of buying the post race cakes, cheering us on and taking photos.

The race was split up into waves that set off every ten minutes to avoid the narrow paths getting too crowded, and this is our wave. Dave and Darren can be seen near to the front, while I am skulking somewhere in the middle.

However, once we set off I had a lovely time and mysteriously felt good and quite strong all round, despite a very poor effort training for it.

Dave, as always, was really fast and almost won his age group, but someone pipped him to the post by 25 seconds.

Darren ran well, but was slowed down a bit because he stopped to pose for photos, and also to take pictures of me.

Because it was so hot we all loved the sections in the tunnels as it was so cool and peaceful.

Five miles out of the 13 were in the dark, and absolutely the best bit of the day - apart from the finishing line and the cake afterwards.

After a quick shower and sit down, we then all went to the pub for Sunday lunch in the sunshine.

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