Friday 7 June 2024

Riga to Lahti

Final morning in Riga and we went for a nice jog around the city centre.

We saw lots of good sights, although the city is built on a grid system so there are lots of junctions. Just like in Japan, almost nobody crosses the road until the green man appears, even if there is no traffic in sight in either direction.

A few junctions had a countdown clock and at one we waited for a record 88 seconds before we could continue.

We eventually got back to the hotel, checked out and caught a flight to Helsinki airport. As it's Saturday tomorrow we are heading to a parkrun, but frustratingly the main Helsinki parkrun is cancelled this week, and the other Helsinki parkrun is across town and the bus and train system is down due to roadworks.

Instead we have caught a train due north and ended up in the town of Lahti. It's quite a good size, but we are waiting tomorrow to properly explore and instead are going to try out the sauna in our ensuite bathroom.

Nice sheep sculptures along the high street.

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