Friday 24 May 2013

Ludlow Castle

We cycled 52 miles today from north of Shrewsbury to south of Ludlow. We didn't actually stay in either town as our budget wouldn't stretch that far, but we did cycle through them both and had a quick look around.
It has to be said that we didn't make the most of Shrewsbury, but we were really cold and couldn't find anywhere obvious to stop, so we had a bit of a sulk and rolled straight through.
We then had a nice day of mainly gradual climbs and some lovely long freewheeling descents, staying just ahead of the rain.
It caught us a few miles outside of Ludlow and was blowing almost horizontally when we suddenly saw Ludlow Castle straight ahead. We tried to shelter under a tree but the rain came straight round the trunk, so we carried on and a few minutes later the castle was in bright sunlight.
Dried out in a cafe with some fantastic carrot cake, then got soaked again on the journey to our hotel.

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