Wednesday 22 May 2013

Castell Dinas Bran

Arrived at Llangollen for the night and it was a beautiful town which nestles in among the hills and mountains that surround it.
From our hotel window we could see a ruined castle on a hill so we decided to walk up to it before dinner.
It is 750 feet above the town and was built around 1,260. It was then abandoned and wrecked in 1,277 to avoid it being used by the English invaders.
All around us were hundreds of sheep taking care of their lambs and you could hear them baaing across the whole valley.
We had to fight our way to the top against the wind that got even stronger the higher we went. We stayed a few minutes admiring the views that stretched in every direction. We then made our way back down at jogging pace with the wind pushing us back to town and straight into the pizza restaurant.

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