Thursday 23 May 2013

Llangollen to Shrewsbury

I promise to stop talking about the weather after today, but at 10.15 this morning hail was slamming into the window and we were due to leave at 10.30.
Not ones to complain (?) we put on all of our clothes and set off.
The wind was behind us so we shot off back along the Llangollen canal. It is genuinely the most beautiful canal route I have ever seen. We started from the beginning of the canal at the Horseshoe Falls and then it is about 11 miles to Chirk.
Along the route you traverse the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct I mentioned yesterday, then it is through the Whitehouse tunnel, which is 174 metres long and pretty dark, then through Chirk Tunnel which is 421 metres long and even darker. Immediately afterwards is the Chirk Aquaduct. It looked almost as high as the Pontcysyllte and It is also the boundary between Wales and England with signs welcoming you at either end.
We then had to leave the canal and Darren had plotted a route to our hotel. We set off along tiny little lanes and arrived at the hotel in good time  having ridden 29 miles.
We are now sitting in the bar warming up with a glass of wine and watching hail bounce off the road.

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