Tuesday 21 May 2013

Haunted hotel

I booked our hotel in Chester last week and chose it because it was centrally located, looked pretty and was the cheapest I could find.
The staff are really friendly and the room seems cosy with huge beams and very low ceilings. There is no television but there is an aerial and a shelf on which one could sit. I asked why the room didn't have one and the manager said that of the eight bedrooms  the only room with a tv is advertised as the 'luxury' room. How strange that they left the aerial trailing across the floor as if to rub it in that we don't have one.
Anyway, I have other things to worry about after I read the back page of the menu while waiting for my dinner to arrive.
Apparently the hotel is one of the most haunted Inns in the country with 13 ghosts between eight bedrooms.
I think we will sleep with the curtains open tonight.

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  1. Ps, after a nights sleep I now know why there is no telly - it's because the walls between the rooms are so thin that if we switched it on you would hear it all down the corridor and in the other rooms. That is assuming that the other guests can hear us as much as we can hear them. Or it could be as Darren suggested, which is that we are the only guests and all the other voices and noises came from the spirit world.