Saturday 25 May 2013

Ludlow to Walsall

It is now official - I really do eat like a horse. It started yesterday when I ate the worlds biggest plate of scampi and chips followed by a Mars bar. Today I had a massive fry up for breakfast, chocolate cake and ice cream for lunch and am looking forward to a big plate of something and chips for tea, hopefully washed down with a pint of cider.
Exciting day today as Spring has arrived and I went from wearing five layers of clothes yesterday to only two today, and we even sat outside to enjoy the sunshine.
It was also a hard day, lots of rolling hills, but beautiful countryside views and feeling tired after riding for 51 miles.


  1. Misread that and thought you said 'you like to eat horse' and wondered what sticking to a budget was making you do!

  2. We have eaten a few burgers recently so you never know!