Thursday 5 April 2018

Don't mess with Melaka

We joined our cruise yesterday, and are now in Melaka, Malaysia  which is our first port of call. It is a small town and has a very unusual motto. It seems an aggressive tone towards the tourists, but then they have been invaded by quite a few countries over the years. 

There was also quite an issue with the ship as we had to dock out in the bay and then catch little boats to the shore. Usually the ship uses its lifeboats and it is very quick and efficient. Today Melaka decided that we must use their boats but they didn't have very many, so huge queues built up in both directions. 
We spent more time waiting around than we did on shore, but fortunately we have been before and know that it is a lovely place. 

We just had a lazy afternoon wandering around, although we did walk rather than taking the beautifully decorated rickshaws. 

We found a nice bar by the river, had a couple of beers and enjoyed the scenery. 

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