Friday 27 April 2018

Wine tasting in Stellenbosch

Yesterday we booked a day trip wine tasting in Stellenbosch. We were due to visit five vineyards, starting with the first one at 10am.
We had intended on starting the day slowly with a coffee at the first vineyard, but they had a wine and chocolate pairing tasting so we went for that instead. 

There was five wines and five chocolates and surprisingly, it was all very tasty. This was at the Lanzarac vineyard if you ever happen to be passing it. 

Unfortunately the weather was not at it's best, although it didn't matter as we were indoors all day. 
Our second tasting was also quite civilised and we tried five more wines, although we were starting to worry that five vineyards may be too many. 

By the third vineyard we had made friends with our travelling companions who were a lovely Brazilian couple on their honeymoon. We got chatting, laughing and drinking with Vivi and Luis and the day shot by. 
Before we knew it we were at the last vineyard, finishing off the last of the wine and putting the glasses on our heads! 

Not feeling at my best today, but we caught a taxi back to Cape Town ready for our next adventure. 

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