Friday 13 April 2018

Seychelles beach

We arrived today in the Seychelles, got off the ship and headed straight for the beach.
It was quite a trek over a large hill in very hot and humid conditions, but we got there and the views were spectacular. 

I was dying for a swim and I quickly leapt into the sea. 

After not more than half an hour of our arrival, we were sitting on the beach when the first spots of rain started. Within seconds it was a down pour and we tried to take shelter under a tree. The rain was soon rattling through and we were getting very cold and all of our belongings were also soaked. 
I decided that as we were already so wet then I might as well get back in the sea, and when I jumped in it was just like warm bath water. It was so much warmer than the rain water and we stayed in for ages just thawing out. 
Unfortunately the rain didn't stop and we eventually found a better shelter where we watched the downpour for the next hour or so. 

The rain suddenly stopped as quickly as it started and we took our chance to get to the bus stop, and we threw everything in the washing machine once we got back on the ship. 

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