Saturday 21 April 2018

Port Elizabeth

Yesterday our good ship Queen Elizabeth arrived in Port Elizabeth on the 92nd birthday of Queen Elizabeth the second!

After taking in that amazing fact we headed ashore for a fantastic day that was totally organised by........ Susan!  Unfortunately we don't have a friend called Elizabeth. 
First she hired a car and we drove along the coast to a penguin sanctuary 🐧. 

The penguins were all so cute and they were joined by seabirds who had also been injured. We watched them for ages and I hoped that they would all jump off the rock together, but no, they didn't. 
Our afternoon visit was to the Kragga Kamma Game Park which was only a few minutes drive outside of the city and Susan had booked us on to a two hour open topped guided tour. 
What an amazing tour it was.....

We saw two of the big five, but my favourites were the giraffes and zebras, and we also saw a cheetah resting in the afternoon sun. 
I have lots more photos and if you like, I can bore you with them next time I see you! 

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