Sunday 1 April 2018

Otters crossing

We went for a lovely walk from our hotel to the famous Gardens on the Bay in Singapore this morning.
There are also gardens on the other side of the bay and on our way through them we suddenly came across an amazing sight. 
About a dozen huge otters jumped out of the bay, ran across the path and started playing on the grass right in front of us! 

After a few minutes they all decided to run towards the lotus lake, jumped in and swam off. 
We carried on walking and came across this sign, so we hadn't imagined it. 

It was very pretty when we got to the gardens, and they have grown massively since we last visited a few years ago. 

By this time it was the middle of the day and as we are so near to the equator the sun was directly overhead. My hat was so big that I managed to stand underneath it and be completely surrounded by my shadow. 

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