Monday 1 April 2019

Batu caves

I was quite nervous about this outing because we have been here before and I knew that there would be a lot of monkeys.
Fortunately it was very busy so there was lots of people to hide behind. I think that our friend Dave had his sunglasses stolen by a monkey when he visited, so I stayed on high alert.
The Batu caves are high up in limestone cliffs and have an extraordinary entrance.

They are a very important Hindu place of worship, and one of the biggest in Malaysia.

Once inside the cave it was quite chaotic with lots of shrines, people, chickens, pigeons, bats and monkeys. I was glad that we visited again, and they have painted the steps in really bright colours since last time, but I also got a bit gladder with every step back down to normality.

I had a strange dinner this evening and an even stranger conversation about the ingredients:-

Me - 'I will have the vegetable fried rice please.'
Waiter - 'of course madam.'
All looking good and straight forward so far.
Waitress - 'your curry and mutton will be here soon.'
Me - 'no, vegetables only please.'
Waitress - 'don't worry it is vegetarian mutton.'
Me - 'it is?'  I started thinking to myself that maybe because sheep eat only grass then they are vegetarians, but surely that can't be right.
Waitress - 'the mutton is made of mushrooms.'

I was going to say that I would rather just eat what I had ordered but it had already arrived. The mutton came in strange little sausages along with boiled rice and lettuce that had been dunked in boiling water. Not my favourite meal ever.


  1. Brilliant dinner story Christine. Only wish I could have been with you.

  2. Well remembered about the sunglasses

    1. I looked out for a monkey wearing them but no sign I'm afraid. I think that they may be gone forever