Monday 1 April 2019

30th floor Kuala Lumpur

We are relaxing in Kuala Lumpur at a very nice hotel. Darren has splashed out £51 per night although he is expecting an eventual refund from loyalty points.
Our room is on the 30th floor and we have a good view of the Petronas Towers.

Every afternoon the clouds start to build up, the thunder and lightning starts and an amazing storm surrounds us. It is 4pm now and the sky is just starting to turn black.
This morning we went up to the 31st floor and the infinity pool. In the promotional photos it looks huge, but it's actually a lot smaller and really only good for a splash about and photo opportunities.
Of course we made full use of it, but were only amateurs compared to two girls who were already there and took literally hundreds of shots. They kindly took a picture for us too.

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