Saturday 30 March 2019

Beautiful Putrajaya

We left Taiwan yesterday and arrived in Malaysia last night. We are booked in to one of our favourite cities - Putrajaya.
We were up early today for the 7.30am start of the local parkrun. It was very hot and humid and I struggled around, but Daz was on fire!
He was on target for a third place finish and a personal best before tragedy struck!! With less than than 100 metres to go to the finishing line he missed the turning and carried straight on. By the time he realised and back tracked he wasted a load of time and came in in sixth. Still a good result.

Fast forward to this evening and a walk around the city centre. Putrajaya is the administrative capital of Malaysia and was built from scratch starting about twenty years ago. Every time we visit Malaysia we try to spend a few days here and we have seen it grow and get much busier.
It is full of fantastic modern buildings and really wide boulevards. The only problem is that it is lacking in public transport, but I suppose that no where is perfect! The taxis are very reasonable though and the drivers friendly.

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