Tuesday 5 March 2019

Himeji Castle and Gardens

Himeji Castle is the grandest of Japan's 12 remaining feudal castles.
We have accidentally already seen about half of them, and although this one is the biggest and looked very good in the spring sunshine, it wasn't really that exciting.
We arrived quite late in the day so were lucky that it was quiet as we walked around.
The castle itself was six stories high, but all of the rooms were completely empty. I think that it would have been much better with more furniture and life in it, but then what do I know.

It really does dominate the town, and it looked fantastic from the coffee shop window at the station.
Without doubt though, it had a fantastic garden attached to it that cost us less than 50 pence to visit as an upgrade on the castle ticket.
It is set in the grounds of old Samurai houses and has lots of smaller gardens hidden behind high walls.

What a wonderful place, and I have lots of ideas for my own garden, although the pond will have to be a bit smaller than this one.

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