Tuesday 26 March 2019


We have arrived in Taipei after a couple of days of quite heavy rain, but all back to normal now.
Taipei is a big city and it seems spacious and well laid out, although complicated. There is a whole underground world of shopping centres and subway stations that appear to go everywhere under our hotel area.
Unfortunately we haven't managed to find the same way twice and pop up randomly in different streets all over the place. Maybe we should buy a large ball of string and trail it behind us.

We are staying near to the enormous and magnificent memorial to Chiang Kai-shek. He was the ruler of China for many years, but then came to live and eventually die in Taiwan.

We then carried on walking and soon could see Taipei 101 in the distance. It used to be the tallest building in the world until Dubai took away the title.

There it is, a long way away.

Getting closer......

Got there.
We climbed Elephant Mountain to get the best views though.

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