Wednesday 13 March 2019

Long walk around Kyoto

Excellent walk today, starting with a trek past the high walls of the Imperial Palace. We ran past here a couple of days ago and there was nothing to see, but today a Special Exhibition was on and we were allowed in for free.
Lots of good buildings, although over the last 1,200 years they have burnt down and been rebuilt numerous times. The gardens were best though, peaceful and beautiful.

Next we jumped over the stepping stones and stopped at the turtles. When we ran here the water was much deeper and really fast, but today it was just a happy stream.

We followed the signs up to the Ginkakuji Temple and its famous zen Bhuddist gardens. Excellent raked gravel and flat topped symbol of Mount Fuji.

Out of the gardens and straight on to the Philosopher's Path, but with a quick stop for a cherry puff to keep the calories up.
A famous philosopher used to walk this route every day contemplating whatever it is that philosophers do, but the route is full of cherry trees and once they are in flower thousands of people will tread this path clutching selfie sticks.

Finally a coffee stop and then a look around the Heian Shrine and pop up museum.

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