Saturday 9 March 2019

Kyoto and the Fushimi Inari Shrine

We have finished with our rail pass and settled in Kyoto. We have a little apartment so have spread out a bit compared to some of the shoebox sized hotel rooms of the last few weeks.
This morning we ran a fake parkrun alongside a nearby river in bright sunshine before heading back for our usual breakfast of yoghurt and a triangle of rice with a filling wrapped in a dried seaweed blanket.
I am going to miss these morning treats when we leave Japan and I will have to find out if they sell them in England.
Our outing of the day was to the number one TripAdvisor pick out of 3,447 things to do in Kyoto.
It was the Inari Shrine dedicated to the deity of rice and sake.
The road leading up to the shrine was packed full of food stalls and people heading the same way as us.
We made a mistake and bought a sort of pancake filled with something unknown and cheese, with spring onions on the top. Yet again it was a gooey, chewy strange thing with a surprisingly sweet sauce. We chomped slightly unhappily through it and then reached the entrance.

Behind the main temple was an almost endless row of Tori gates that stretched up to the top of the mountain behind it.

We started walking with lots of other people  but gradually most of them turned off back down the hill, but we made it all the way to the top and on a circular walk where we were almost on our own.
There was signs up telling people not to feed the monkeys and wild boar so I was not keen to stay too long.

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